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Japan Carlit Co.,Ltd.


March, 1934

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Business Field

The main business scope includes manufacturing and selling of industrial explosives, signal flare, industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals, electrodes and electrolysis equipment, electrolyte sodium hypochlorite generating system, electronic materials and conducting the hazard evaluation test and so on.

Especially the growth on development of the new product and technical capabilities of research are highly commendable in the domestic and the whole world.

Furthermore, based on our technical strength, we’ll continue to protect nurture and support the development of the human society, and make people's life richer, while developing business activities further.

Affiliated Companies

  • JC Bottling Co., Ltd.

    Bottling Business (PET bottle and Canned beverages)

  • Silicon Technology Corporation

    Silicon Wafers Business (Integrated circuit chip; discrete semiconductor for in-car device)

  • Carlit Sangyo Co., Ltd.

    A contractor on Japan Carlit Co., Ltd. (Engineering, manufacturing and construction work)

  • Fujishoji Co., Ltd.

    Finishing paint and high durable paint for machine and equipment.

  • Namitakiko Co., Ltd.

    Producing and selling heat/fire-resistant anchor metal and retainer for incinerator and kiln.

  • Japan Carlit (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Trading Company, Branch in Shanghai, China (Selling the materials of electrolytic capacitor and the other chemicals)

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