Business operational project in Singapore

We are always looking for the business partner and looking forward to increasing the project items

Electronic Materials

  • Functional dye

  • Near-infrared ray absorbents
  • Formation of UV-cut coating film for car window and building window
  • Anti-static agent and conductive agent for ESD (transparent)

  • Ion conductive materials
  • Formation of electro-conductive plastic compound for ESD and transparent or color
  • Conductive polymers (Paints)
  • Formation of electro-conductive coating film for ESD and transparent


  • Fungicide

  • JC G-Fine
  • Effective for Powdery mildew, Bacterial spot (for organic farming)


  • Liquid foliar fertilizer

  • Orgamin DA
  • Effective for Oil palm, Cotton, Tropical fruits and other crops. Improve productivity of plantations. Amino acids based.